The Toronto Raptors Have Owned Toronto in 2019

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What I’m about to say might be considered blasphemy when it comes to Toronto, but, it might be true. At least for 2019.

The Toronto Raptors are Toronto’s team. Well, that's what the internet says.

Since the start of 2019, the Raptors are Toronto’s and Canada’s most-searched sports team.

To nobody’s surprise, their peak came from the end of May to the middle of June. Right in the middle of the team's championship run.

On top of that, ex-Raptor Kawhi Leonard was the most searched athlete in Toronto by a large margin. That was compared to guys like John Tavares, Auston Matthews and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

According to Bell, the Raptors had a total of 15.9 million viewers in their championship-clinching win which is more than any program from the past three years in Canada. It’s safe to say you know at least one person who was tuned in during the entire playoff run.

The team also cracked the top 10 in merchandise/jersey sales as per The Leafs had to be near the top but it can’t be certain as those numbers haven’t been provided by the NHL. Regardless, it’s obvious a shift towards the Raptors occurred at least for a little bit.

The rest of the year isn’t going to go the same as the Raptors chances at another title have gone downhill while the Leafs chances keep rising.

For now, though, the city is the Raptors.

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