Jays New Big Three and Where To Go From Here

Fred Thornhill/Canadian Press

Fred Thornhill/Canadian Press

To nobody’s surprise, a new era of Toronto Blue Jays baseball is upon us. There’s no more hope in a playoff run and, there’s very little that helps us reminisce about when we had something special. The stars are gone, the manager was let go and wins are rare.

But as with all sports, when bad comes good isn’t too far behind it. The Jays seem to have found that good. Or at least the foundation of it.

Last night was the first time we’ve seen all of what the Jays consider their future play in the big leagues together. We’ve seen Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Cavan Biggio before and now we get to see Bo Bichette.

There’s been a whole lot of excitement around these three and, the thought of this Jay's future makes fans anxious for what’s to come.

So, the question is: how good can this big three make the Jays?

Well, the easy answer is that Toronto will own one of the best combinations of players in the league if all max out their potential. It could be Houston Astro’s-esque. That’s the very best outcome.

If, however, one or two of them end up short of expectations, the team could be looking at a window of mediocrity surrounding one great player.

Only one of these guys is as close to a sure thing as there is, the other two could go either way. Vlad Jr. is the sure thing and Bichette and Biggio are what will determine the extent of success this team has.

They aren’t the only thing that will determine the success of this team. Baseball is one of those sports where, it doesn’t matter who has the best guy, it’s who has the best overall team.

So, the next question is what else they need to add around these guys to get where they want.

The major thing is going to be adding pitching. Yes, they have some guys coming up through the system but, no one knows how to judge them until they’re closer to getting called up. That's the Jays biggest need and with Stroman gone, the hole looks that much bigger.

Outside of that, a little bit of speed and a solid catcher should be added. Danny Jansen is looking like he may be able to become that however, it’s far from a sure thing. As he gets older, he’ll get smarter but, what strikes me most about Jansen is his athleticism. IQ tends to get better with age, quickness doesn't.

As for speed, recent iterations of Jays teams haven’t been known to have much. With good contact hitters, quickness on the base paths is something that all teams should wish for. There’s always been Dalton Pompey but, with his injury-prone body, it's hard to see him in the league for any long period of time.

There’s little to be excited about with this Jays team in the short term but, when looking at the big picture, there’s a lot to be optimistic about. If all goes right, and the front office makes the right moves, this team can contend within a few years. I know it’s hard to see now but, with the big three of the future, the Jays might not be far away from more magical runs. This time, homegrown.