Ranking Toronto Blue Jays Players Weekend Nicknames



No matter what sport you play, or what level you play at, nicknames will always be present. Frankly, you don’t even need sports to participate in the nickname game. 

However, when looking at nicknames through a sports lens, they can mean a lot. Generally speaking, the more creative a nickname is, the closer that guy is to teammates. So, if you have a team full of original, funny or playful nicknames, chances are the team is in a good spot chemistry wise.

I’ve given nicknames to people my entire life. They’re essential to the majority of my friendships. If you are somewhat important to me, you have a nickname.

The MLB is doing yet another Player’s Weekend where each player has a nickname on the back of their jersey. 

Just like with everything, there are tiers to the names. Some are good, some are better and some should be changed.

Tier 1 

1 Beef Stew - Brock Stewart

This nickname is in a league of its own. First, it’s a solid play on words with Stewart’s last name. Second, you can tell that it’s been morphed into this. It started as one thing and has come a long way to this. Lastly, it’s just funny. There’s a childishness to it that gives you a reason to laugh.

2. Lil G - Thomas Pannone

Usually, I like nicknames that have to do with someone's name but, I would love to hear the story as to how this one came to be. A moniker like this is sure to have a backstory so, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt. If there isn’t one, this would be much lower on the list.

3. El K - Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

At first, this nickname didn’t do a whole lot for me. It’s kind of unnatural and seems like it has something to do with strikeouts, which, doesn’t necessarily look good for anyone but a pitcher. However, I did some research as to why he made the choice and, it changed my mind. It’s something his uncle called him because Vlad loved the “Ka” sound as a child. 

Tier 2

4. Butters - Trent Thornton

This nickname honestly, might be the funniest of them all. Mainly because Trent Thornton looks exactly like someone you would call Butters. This is another one that I’d love to hear the backstory on. Does he smell like butter? Does he just really really like butter? I have no idea but, I wish I did.

5. Law Dog - Derek Law

For one of the older players on the team, it’s great to see Derek Law get some love with his nickname. It’s an easy one to say and, it’s got a humorous side. Another one that I would call my friends.

Tier 3

6. Mr. Seeds - Teoscar Hernandez

I like Hernandez’ for a few reasons. First, it goes along with him pouring sunflower seeds all over teammates heads after home runs or big plays. Second, seeds are apart of baseball culture so, the name would fit just about anybody. My one gripe with the nickname is that I doubt people actually call him it regularly; it’s a little corny and doesn’t play off his real name in any way.

7. Sammy G - Sam Gaviglio

Most people probably think this is just another basic nickname. However, sometimes those are the best. It sounds like something I’d call him as a friend. The simplicity of it is perfect and, the name rolls off the tongue with ease.

Tier 4.

8. 100 Miles Giles - Ken Giles

I actually am a big fan of this name. Rhyming miles and Giles is pure genius. However, despite being one of the best closers in baseball, Giles is rarely hitting 100 MPH anymore. The more reasonable name would be 97 Miles Giles or Close to 100 Miles Giles. It’s much easier the way it is now but, c’ mon people, it’s not 2015 anymore.

9. Pieces - Reese Mcguire

Named after chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Not exactly the most creative of nicknames but it’s good enough.

10. #PinaPower Jr. - Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

My biggest issue with Gurriel’s nickname is that there’s a hashtag. Am I supposed to say “Hashtag Pina Powe Jr”? Or do I just say “Pina Power Jr”? Also, nicknames are supposed to be short - this one isn’t. It is, however, a creative and original take on his name and hair cut. 

Tier 5 - Honourable Mentions

Jano - Danny Jansen

B Dru - Brandon Drury

Fonky - Wilmer Font

For the most part, the Blue Jays as a whole have given their guys some solid nicknames. Comparing them to other teams in the MLB, they don’t have the best total squad but, it’s also not the worst. 

As the team grows and plays together for longer, better nicknames will come and go. For now, this is what we’ve got.