Epi 56. "We've Got Ourselves A Series" - Toronto Raptors

On this episode Hunter and Callum discuss their thoughts on games 3 and 4 of the ECF between the Raptors and the Bucks. They chat about an unhealthy Kawhi(?) and what that might mean for this team and how they were able to pull out a win without him at 100%. In that they recognize the bench and they're role going forward - especially Norm Powell who has seemed to really find his groove. Callum addresses all the fans who wrote the Raps off after the first two games. Lastly, they discuss the "Kawine and Dine" trend that has hit businesses all over Toronto.

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Epi 54. "Firsts" - Toronto Blue Jays

On this episode, Hunter and Callum talk about a whole lot of firsts. They start with Vlad's first (and second) HR and how that will impact him from here on out. Then they get into Trent Thornton's first W and whether or not the Jays should aim at keeping him around for the rebuild. The last first they discuss is Edwin Jacksons first start for the Blue Jays and how he can impact this young Jays team. Giles got his 100th save and they finish the podcast with their typical player of the week and predictions!

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